BRAINGINES SA was established in Fribourg, Switzerland to create a brand new sound processing workflow. Our mission is to provide musicians, music producers, and audio engineers with more creative freedom and save their precious time.

Our international team brings cutting-edge developments in various fields to digital audio processing and we're happy to speed up your music software products

What is GPU AUDIO?

GPU Audio is a digital sound processing platform that utilizes a standard GPU to handle aspects of audio production. Beginning with VST3's, GPU Audio dramatically enhances performance by offloading processing from a computer's CPU to its GPU.

Why GPU?

Graphics cards have unrivaled computing power that has, until now, been impossible to unlock for audio processing. However, we have carried on with the dream of being able to make GPU Audio a reality, to provide democratized hardware acceleration for audio producers whether from a small bedroom studio to powering full studios and venues, eliminating the need for expensive DSP accelerating hardware, and more.

GPU AUDIO Features

GPU Audio is designed from the ground up as a platform for creativity. We are working on a wide array of valuable features created with music and pro audio production in mind, from the studio to the live stage and broadcast.



  • Expand computing power by adding more GPUs in a desktop or a blade server
  • Upgrade GPU to the next-gen graphics card



  • Use computer networks to expand the DSP power
  • Use eGPU cases to boost your system with additional power on-the-fly


Low latency & instant results

  • 1 ms buffer length is enough for live audio stream processing without any audible latency
  • Render heavy projects faster with a help of thousands of GPU cores



Unlock GPUs for audio processing, getting unlimited power, instant results, and creative freedom at a price of a few cups of coffee

Years of Research and Development

Results-Driven Products and Partnerships

GPU Audio has years of research and development backed by an extraordinary team of computer scientists and engineers. Our comprehensive GPU-powered solution is ready to tackle any challenge and bring our partners to their business goals fast and successfully.


VST3 plugin bundle

Our product bundle includes the essential set of tools for daily audio work as well as rare compressor emulations, spicy exciter and a new hybrid reverb


(W)LAN Audio data transfer

We offer remote audio processing over standard TCP / IP networks. This feature works at latencies as low as 1 ms and perfectly fits even live concert demands.



In the future, you can use ready-made modules to create new products or to transfer your bestsellers to our platform and marketplace.


Interactive Web Marketplace

The marketplace provides an opportunity to create mobile-friendly landing pages for GPU AUDIO - powered products and easily promote them further at Google, Facebook or other platforms.

Embed Online Demos:

Power-up web pages with interactive product demos

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Want to use our technology in your products?

Use GPU Audio in your products. We are open and looking for brand partnerships in Pro Audio (DAWs, Plugins, Virtual Instruments etc), Broadcast, Live Sound and more. Please reach out to us for an introduction and live demo to see GPU Audio in action.

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What professionals say about us

Abbey road studios

"We are excited by the work of GPU AUDIO's team we met at our Turntables sessions, who are developing technology that harnesses the processing power of graphic processing units to power audio plugins"


"Running audio algorithms using your computer's GPU. You have all that processing power available there, so why not use it ? This is what the folks from GPU Audio want to achieve"

Media Motor Europe

"BRAINGINES SA develops fast audio production middleware benefiting from GPUs' excess processing power."

Meet Our Team

GPU Audio is a team of PhD’s in Computer Science, DSP Scientists, Sound Engineers, CS and HPC Scientists, bringing with us a wealth of experience and passion for working with each other and new partners.


Alexander Talashov

Technology Architect
Managing Partner
CS & HPC Scientist


Vasiliy Sumatokhin

Managing Partner
Sound Engineer
for almost 21 years


Aleksandrs Prokopcuks

Managing Partner
DSP Scientist


Markus Steinberger

Senior Researcher, Advisor
MSc in Computer Engineering,
PhD in Computer Science